So I have recently overhauled the game alot and added new areas, graphics, items, enemies and all the sort

-5 new enemies 

-10 new enemy graphics designed by me

-all 4 default party members now have custom sprites made by me

- i finished the river system from the spawn point in the world to all the way to snow town, you can access this WITHOUT the snowcard but it will mess you up in the long run as you cant teleport back until you get the snowtown teleport tab, so i will be adding Telescrolls to compensate for this

-new sea and water areas, planning for the next release to expand desert area, and have a sea rout to the desert part of the world

-new guild added in the game the thieves guild! I have implemented 2 quests that work perfectly and will plan to add more aswell as other guilds to the game you can take quests from.

-GRAPHICS OVERHAUL... i used mostly preset rpg maker default sprites while making this game cause i wanted to experiment and see what kinda game i could make, i am happy with how much i have developed this game and plan to redo all CHARACTER AND ENEMY SPRITES ARTWORK done by yours truely... graphics as far as backgrounds go i am not sure yet, i may need help with that if i go about making all that original too! (real artists pm me plz LOL)

thats all for now, thanks for supporting and playing the game guys, it means alot and I will continue to work on it when I can! :) 


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Aug 27, 2021

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